Money Talks

Money talks


While you might have found your true calling in dentistry, you should still feel properly remunerated for the job you carry out. It’s great to love what you do, but none of us can live off thin air! However, many of us find it really tricky to discuss the subject of money, which often leaves us earning perhaps less than we deserve. So, what’s the best way to go about this very ‘un-British’ task of salary talk?


Do your research

Before you begin any negotiation, whether in an existing role or an interview, you need to know your worth. Look into what others with your skillset and experience are earning to give you a good benchmark. Not only will this will help you to back up your salary demands, it will also prevent you from accepting too low a value.


Become a negotiator

If you’re interviewing for a new job and the topic of salary comes up, be prepared. Have a figure in mind (from your previous research) and try to get the interviewer to show their cards first. If, however, they ask you what you’re expecting you can turn the tables by asking the salary range they have in mind. You can always turn down a job if you feel the salary is too low, in the hope that they will increase the offer to sway your decision. Be warned though, this is a risky strategy, especially if the role is perfect in every other way.


Push for perks

Remember that remuneration isn’t just about cold, hard cash. Employee benefits can be just as beneficial, especially if they save you money in other areas, such as a reduced gym membership or health insurance. Take any job perks into consideration before making a decision based purely on the salary, and push for some extra benefits if you feel this could balance out a lower salary range.


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