Top tips for interviewers

Top tips for interviewers


When it comes to interviews, often the first thought that springs to mind is about the interviewee feeling nervous but what about the person on the other side of the table?


If you’re the interviewer, it can often feel just as daunting. Not only will you have to ask the right questions to get enough information about each candidate, you’ll want to get a good measure of whether they’ll fit in with the existing team, and you also need to show the business itself as a good prospect. That’s a lot of ground to cover in a fairly short space of time!


Here are our top tips for interviewers to make sure you are cool, calm, and collected when you need to be…


Create a structure

You will be leading the proceedings so it makes sense to have a structure to follow; this avoids long pauses, keeps things professional, and ensures that nothing is missed. This only needs to be simple, such as: providing a brief outline of the company, a description of what the role will entail, your questions for the interviewee (including anything specific for each person), and then the opportunity for them to ask questions.


Be prepared

Make sure you have read the candidate’s CV and covering letter in advance, and write down any questions that are specific to that person, such as an unexplained employment gaps.


Don’t talk too much

If you stick to your structure you should cover the right amount of ground necessary in terms of providing a background for the role and business, etc. While you want to put the candidate at ease, try to avoid chatting too much off subject as this may skew your judgement when making decisions over who to hire – someone you simply got on well with may not necessarily be right person for the position.


Follow up

Provide the candidate with a timeframe of when they can expect to hear from you and be prepared to offer useful feedback, too. If your decision is delayed for any reason, let them know rather than leaving them hanging.


We also suggest starting off by offering the candidate a glass of water or hot drink as this can help to ease those initial nerves, and wearing what you would normally wear for work each day as this shows what is expected and keeps you comfortable, too. If you’re looking for the perfect candidate for a position in your dental practice, join the Dental Circle Jobs community today!