Top tips on searching for your next job

Top tips on searching for your next job


Once you’ve decided to make your next career move, it is vital to start your search off on the right foot. However, it may have been a while since you last went through the process, so to refresh your memory here are our top tips on where to begin…


Define what you want

Before you begin your search, decide on a few important factors to ensure that you are looking for the right job for you. Things to consider are the role itself, the salary you are expecting, and the location. At Dental Circle Jobs, we can help you to find the perfect new position, but you do need to have a good idea of what you really want from your next career move!


Spread the word

As with most things, success often comes from good, old-fashioned word of mouth so use your own network to your advantage. Talk to as many people as possible, and if it’s appropriate you could even post on social media. You never know who knows who, or where the next potential job opening might come from.


Spruce up your CV

Your CV is the first impression you make to a potential new employer, so you need to ensure that it is on point. Make sure it is up to date and tailored to the role you are applying for. For more of our CV tips, click here.


Post your CV online

Job sites that allow you to post your CV online will attract employers to you. So while you’re searching for the perfect role, they’re also hunting for the right candidate (which could be you). Finding a good place to post your CV can really increase your chances, which is why Dental Circle Jobs works so well for so many people! If you’re looking for your next move in your dental career, join our community today.